Link Between Violent Crime and Alcohol Density

Over the years, the prevention field has emphasized the importance of understanding the environmental and social settings in which violence takes places, including theories relating the number and location of alcohol outlets to violence. The occurrence of interpersonal violence increases in and nearby places with alcohol outlets, specifically bars and liquor stores. These incidences of violence near alcohol outlets transpire for many possible reasons, including they are mainly located in areas with less protection and provide opportunities for social interactions leading to violence. However, these alcohol establishment effects may relate to other crime-related characteristics of the establishments’ surrounding environment, such as illegal drug activity. This leaves the question – Are the alcohol outlet effects due to the outlets themselves or the characteristics of their location? A recent study investigates the relationship between violent crimes and alcohol outlets as both creators and attractors of violence by evaluating how adjacent area features relate to violent crime in a specific target area.
Allison Jacobs
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