Narcan Pilot Program

Since December of 2007, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has implemented overdose education and intra-nasal naloxone distribution (OEND) in eight community-based settings. These programs have trained potential bystanders to an overdose (drug users, friends, family members) on how to reduce overdose risk, recognize signs of an overdose, access emergency medical services, and administer intra-nasal naloxone. Potential bystanders are instructed to deliver naloxone when opioid overdose occurs in addition to taking other actions (e.g. rescue breathing and contacting the emergency medical system). The training for bystanders is approximately fifteen to thirty minutes in duration, after which each participant receives an overdose prevention kit. The kit includes instructions, two syringes prefilled with Naloxone Hydrochloride, and a nasal atomization delivery device. Between December 2007 and June 2010, the eight sites have trained over 6,700 potential bystanders and documented over 670 opioid overdose reversals.

More information about the Narcan Distribution Pilot can be accessed on the BSAS Web site.