Gary Langis

Staff Title: 
Technical Assistance Provider
Gary’s work began in the late 1980’s volunteering as part of an independent group providing underground needle exchange on the North Shore. In 1990, he began working as an outreach educator for the Healthy Streets Outreach Program in Lynn, MA. In 1991 he accepted a position as Program Manager at Noddles Island Multi Service Agency working for the HIV Benefits Advocacy Program for persons who were HIV+. Gary left that position in 1997 to become the HIV Program Manager for CAB Health and Recovery Services HIV program in Lynn and is currently an independent consultant. Over his 13 years working at CAB, Gary helped to develop well-respected cutting edge HIV prevention programs that encompassed principles of harm reduction and served as a model for other programs. Gary was a founding member and Board President of the New England Prevention Alliance (NEPA), a group of activists that provide independent syringe exchange and Naloxone distribution to underserved communities. NEPA has conducted civil disobedience to highlight the disparities of HIV prevention in communities including New Bedford, Brockton, Lawrence, Worcester, and Lynn.

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