About Us

The Massachusetts Technical Assistance Partnership for Prevention (MassTAPP) supports communities across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in addressing substance abuse prevention. Our expert staff offers technical assistance, capacity building, and resources to Bureau of Substance Abuse Services (BSAS)-funded programs and other communities across the state.

Education Development Center, Bay State Community Services, and Partnership for Youth, located in Waltham, Quincy, and Greenfield respectively, form the Massachusetts Technical Assistance Partnership for Prevention, or MassTAPP. We are funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s BSAS to provide technical assistance (TA), build capacity, and offer resources to communities across the Commonwealth seeking to prevent and reduce the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

We have an expert team of technical assistance providers who are well-versed in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Adminstration's (SAMHSA) Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) process. Working as one statewide team, our TA providers are matched with each community that is home to one or more BSAS-funded programs, including the Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative, Partnership for Success 2015, and Massachusetts Opioid Abuse Prevention Collaborative grantees.  Each community benefits from an ongoing relationship with one core TA provider, and through them has access to the expertise of the entire TA team and additional consulting experts.

In addition, MassTAPP resources will be available to all communities and coalitions seeking TA to support their substance abuse prevention efforts, regardless of any existing funding sources. BSAS-funded communities will be prioritized based on available individualized TA resources, however unfunded communities are always welcome to attend any in-person or online learning events.

TA services include:

  • Individualized TA – Each BSAS-funded program is matched with a TA provider who is the main point of contact for all TA requests.  Each TA provider is in weekly contact with coalition coordinators by phone or email, and provides one-to-one, in-person tailored TA each month.
  • Expert Consultant Services – MassTAPP has deploys members of our consultant pool for in-depth, focused work to best meet specific TA needs of each BSAS-funded community. Our consultant pool is comprised of professionals with a wide range of expertise and deep knowledge of specific regions and communities across the Commonwealth.
  • Online Learning Events – We provide webinars and other distance learning events to share information and research, and to bring together communities with similar needs and concerns. Our webinars are designed to be useful and engaging, with plenty of opportunity for participation.
  • In-person Networking Events – We hold networking meetings that may be regional or topical. We provide trainings to address any needs around local or statewide substance abuse prevention efforts.
  • Peer-to-peer Learning – TA providers facilitate information sharing, both within regions and across the state, and among communities and peers around common needs and issues. TA providers also help non-BSAS-funded communities to form mentoring relationships with BSAS-funded communities.
  • Website and Monthly E-Newsletter – Our website serves as a “one-stop” place for current resources and distance learning opportunities related to substance abuse prevention efforts in Massachusetts. A monthly e-newsletter goes out to our mailing list of communities and programs, and includes upcoming events, recent news, and highlights of first-rate new resources. (If you would like to receive our monthly e-newsletter, you can subscribe here.)

About Us