Communications Toolkit

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Substance abuse prevention is important, life-saving work – and your community needs to know about what you are doing to make a difference. In order to be effective, you need the tools to develop and communicate clear, accurate messages that resonate with your audience. Communications isn’t an “extra” – it’s absolutely integral to the work that you are already doing.

To support you in these efforts, MassTAPP has developed this interactive toolkit. Our intention is to go above and beyond presenting the concepts and best practices of communications strategies – we want to help you to operationalize these concepts.  This toolkit distills key concepts and evidence-based strategies into short, easy-to-read sections; offers interactive activities to help you to understand how these concepts relate to your community’s work in substance abuse prevention; and provides tips, exercises, and worksheets that will guide you to apply what you are learning to the context of your community.

We hope that you will use the process outlined in this toolkit together with other members of your community, and that your whole team will be involved in the communications planning process. If you are already immersed in this work, you can take advantage of tips and resources to help you to do an even better job of communicating.

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To download a PDF of just the content text from the interactive toolkit as well as the individual worksheets, click on the links below: